Monja Crepe

Monja Crepe

Crispy cabbage and flaky tempura crumbs.
You can even enjoy the sound when you bite into it. It's great as a snack or for times when you're feeling a bit peckish.

Ingredients: 4 crepes, 18 cm in diameter

Tempura flour
30 g
Yakisoba sauce powder
1 packet
100 ml
☆Vegetable oil
1 teaspoon
1 small leaf
1 small
Tempura crumbs (store-bought is fine)
2 tablespoons


1. Julienne the cabbage, and finely chop the chikuwa.
2. Beat the egg in a bowl, add the water and vegetable oil, and mix well.
3. Place a sieve over the bowl from Step 2. Sift the flour and yakisoba sauce powder into the bowl, and mix well until there are no lumps remaining.
4. Pour the batter into a non-stick frying pan without any oil, and pan-fry over medium heat. Pour in the batter with a ladle from a height into a round shape.
5. Spread the batter thinly toward the edges into a round shape while rotating the frying pan.
6. When the edges become dry, flip it over.
7. Pan-fry for 1-2 minutes, when the crepe moves smoothly in the pan, take it out. Repeat this process to make more crepes. Even if there are some holes in the crepe, you can hide them inside when you hold the crepe.
8. Scatter the cabbage, chikuwa, and tempura crumbs on the upper half of the crepe. It's easier to fold the crepe without a lot of fillings inside, but they will add more flavor, so try to keep a nice balance!
9. Fold it like a crepe, and it's done! (It's also easy to eat rolled up, like a wrap.)

Story Behind this Recipe

I wanted to use up leftover yakisoba sauce powder!

When my child was eating a tako senbei from a tuck shop, the cabbage topping kept falling off, and it seemed very difficult to eat…

User Patamama's "Sauce Senbei" (Recipe ID: 181293) inspired me to make this!