Super Easy Chorizo Quesadilla

Super Easy Chorizo Quesadilla

You can quickly make this quesadilla in a single frying pan for an easy lunch.

Ingredients: 1~2 servings (1 lunch or 2 appetizer-snacks)

Chorizo (or wiener sausages)
1~2 (to taste)
Easy melting cheese
2 slices (to taste)
Your favorite herbs (oregano, basil, parsley, etc.)
as needed (may be omitted)
Vegetable oil (for sautéeing)
to taste


1. Thinly slice the chorizo. Heat oil in a frying pan and cook the chorizo until slightly browned. (You can use wiener sausages instead of chorizo.)
2. Top a tortilla with the chorizo and chopped tomatoes and onions.
3. Sprinkle on the herbs.
4. Top with cheese.
5. Being careful not to let the fillings fall out, place on a hot sandwich plate, top with another tortilla, cover with the lid, and cook until the cheese has melted.
6. If you don't have a hot sandwich plate, cook both sides in the frying pan.
7. Once cooked, cut into fourths and it's ready Eat this crispy dish with your hands.

Story Behind this Recipe

On my day off, I had some tortillas in the refrigerator, so I wanted to try making something. I improvised a bit and it turned out delicious.