Egg and Dairy Free Vegetable "Birthday Cake" For Babies

Egg and Dairy Free Vegetable "Birthday Cake" For Babies

The "cream" isn't dairy (heavy cream), it's mashed potato.


120 g measure after peeling (1 medium)
100 ml
Coffee creamer powder
40 to 60 ml
Raw salmon
as needed
Diced vegetables
as needed
Vegetables and fruit for decoration
as needed
Plain cooked rice
as needed
Carrot powder (optional, if you have some)
as needed


1. Peel the potato and cut into small dice while pan-frying or grilling the salmon. When the salmon is cooked, leave it to cool.
2. Put the potato, water and coffee creamer powder in a pan and mix lightly. Cook over medium heat.Turn the heat down when it comes to a boil, and continue cooking until the potatoes fall apart.
3. Take the pan off the heat when the potatoes are cooked through, and mash them in the pan. I'm lazy so I just do it with a whisk.
4. The mashed potato is easier to use as "icing" if it's rather loose. If it seems too stiff, add water (not listed) 1 teaspoon at a time to adjust!
5. I used this 8 cm diameter bowl as the cake mold this time! I recommend using a fairly straight up and down cylindrical container.
6. The "cake" filling: Fill the mold you're using about 70% of the way with rice and about 1 tablespoon of flaked salmon (plus 2 teaspoons of carrot powder if you are using it), and mix well.
7. Press the rice mixture into the mold, and put some diced cooked vegetables (puréed vegetables are OK too) on top.
8. Top with more rice mixture. Invert the mold in one go onto a flat plate! It will look like this.
9. Now "ice" the "cake" with the mashed potato from Step 3. Decorate it prettily with fruit or vegetables and it's done.
10. You can use any vegetables you like as long as they are cooked until tender. Please include the vegetables your child likes.
11. I put kabocha squash and broccoli inside the cake.

Story Behind this Recipe

This is a cake I made for my son, who is allergic to eggs. Dairy is not allowed yet either, so I was wondering what I could use and thought of mashed potatoes!