Juicy Sushi Cake with Crab for Doll's Festival

This sushi cake includes crab and is juicy and easy to eat! Since it's brightly colored, it's perfect for any occasion.

Ingredients: 4 servings = 18 x 18 x 6 cm poundcake pan

Freshly cooked rice
2 rice cooker cups worth
Sushi vinegar
4 tablespoons
Shredded imitation crab meat
50 g
1 tablespoon
Kinshi tamago
1 teaspoon
a pinch
Smoked salmon
as needed
as needed
Boiled shrimp
as needed
Salmon roe
as needed


1. First, make the kinshi tamago. Combine the egg, sugar, and salt and use a large frying pan to make a very thin omelet. Let it cool and then julienne.
2. Mix the sushi vinegar into the freshly cooked rice. Separate the sushi rice into 3 portions. Mix the aonori into one portion and the crab meat into another. Leave the other portion plain.
3. Rinse the pound cake pan with water (or line with plastic wrap), and cram in the crab sushi rice, white sushi rice, and aonori sushi rice, in that order. Flip it onto a plate.
4. Scatter the top with the shredded thin omelet, roll up the smoked salmon to make roses and place on top of the egg. Thinly slice the cucumber and use as leaves. Decorate with shrimp and salmon roe.

Story Behind this Recipe

I've always wanted to try making a sushi cake. Adding crab meat was a great success!