Warm Brussels Sprout & Broccoli Salad

Warm Brussels Sprout & Broccoli Salad

An easy salad made with nutritious brussels sprouts and broccoli.


Brussels sprouts
as needed
Wiener sausages
2 cloves
Soy sauce
to taste


1. Cut the brussels sprouts in half and rinse to remove any dirt.
2. Separate the broccoli florets and rinse.
3. Finely chop the garlic.
4. Cut the wiener sausages into bite-sized pieces.
5. Add some olive oil to a frying pan. Stir-fry the garlic until fragrant.
6. Cook the brussels sprouts, cut side down, until browned.
7. After the brussels sprouts have browned, add the broccoli, wiener sausages, and a little water (as needed) to the pan. Cover with the lid and steam-cook.
8. Remove the lid and cook off the excess water. Adjust the flavoring with the soy sauce and it's all done.

Story Behind this Recipe

I received a lot of brussels sprouts, so I prepared them using this easy, delicious recipe.