Butter Scented Fluffy Omelettes

Butter Scented Fluffy Omelettes

Anybody can make this soft and creamy omelette.

Ingredients: 1 serving

1 teaspoon
8 g


1. Mix the mayonnaise into the beaten egg well.
2. Heat up a frying pan and add the butter. If the butter soon starts to sizzle, the temperature of the pan is just right. Once the butter has melted, turn the heat to low.
3. Pour the egg mixture into the pan and stir the mixture in large circles to incorporate some air. When the omelette is mostly cooked, like in the photo, turn off the heat.
4. Fold the omelette into 3 and it's done.
5. The centre is so creamy when cut in half.
6. Fold the omelette twice when you're serving it over seasoned rice (garlic rice, ketchup rice, etc.). Then cut in half again to serve.
7. Omurice.

Story Behind this Recipe

I heard that if you add mayonnaise to an omelette, it makes it really fluffy.