Mini Strawberry and Chocolate Parfait

Mini Strawberry and Chocolate Parfait

This is a strawberry parfait full of seasonal strawberries. I topped it with a double helping of strawberry sauce. The custard, heavy cream, and chocolate sauce make this incredibly delicious.

Ingredients: 2 servings

Custard cream
6 tablespoons
Strawberry sauce
2 tablespoons
Whipped cream
as you like
Sponge cake or castella
as needed
Chocolate sauce
as needed


1. Make the custard cream. Please refer to Recipe ID: 630101 Let it cool and chill in the refrigerator.
2. Lightly wash the strawberries and pat dry. Remove the stems and cut in half. Cut the sponge cake into bite-sized pieces.
3. Pour the strawberry sauce in the glasses and add some whipped cream. Add the sponge cake.
4. Add the custard cream and use a spoon to smooth the surface. Add the cream and garnish with strawberries. Top with chocolate sauce.
5. The sponge cake recipe can be found at Recipe ID: 1712435. Freeze leftover sponge cake.
6. The chocolate sauce can be found at Recipe ID: 1712448 or you can use store-bought sauce.
7. You can also use store-bought whipped cream. I recommend using cream with at least 35% fat.
8. Use a small amount of cream at the top. You can also decrease the amount of strawberries and add more cream on top.
9. If you use store-bought jam instead of strawberry sauce, add a bit of water loosen into a sauce.
10. It's also delicious if you replace the chocolate sauce with more strawberry sauce. Recipe ID: 2517076.
11. It's also delicious with bananas. Recipe ID: 2453754

Story Behind this Recipe

This is a dessert I have made since my children were small. I came up with it as I went. You can also garnish it with Pocky sticks, cookies, or wafers. Make it with your favorite toppings. It's also delicious with bananas Recipe ID: 2453754.