Chawan-mushi (Steamed Egg Custard) in the Microwave

Chawan-mushi (Steamed Egg Custard) in the Microwave

All you need is a microwave and a mug for this easy chawan-mushi.

Ingredients: 4 servings

2.5 tablespoons
300 ml
Chicken thigh
70 g
Shiitake mushrooms
30 g
10 g


1. Cut the chicken into whatever-sized pieces you like. Cut the shiitake mushrooms and kamaboko into thin slices. Cut the spinach into strips.
2. Mix together the shiro-dashi, eggs, and water, then strain in a tea strainer to create the egg mixture.
3. Get your mugs ready.
4. Add the filling ingredients to the mugs, then gently pour the egg mixture in. Wrap lightly.
5. This picture shows the mugs with the egg mixture poured inside. Microwave for 20 minutes at 200 W. Keep an eye on the eggs and how they are setting, and adjust the microwaving time accordingly.
6. If a clear liquid develops at the top then it's finished cooking. Place on a serving dish and enjoy.
7. This is the shiro-dashi I use.
8. Note: The microwaving time will depend on the size of the container, as well as what you put inside. The first time I made this I microwaved for 5 minutes, checked it, and repeated this until it was done.

Story Behind this Recipe

I didn't have a steamer, so I used the microwave.
This can be made while you're making other dishes.
You can cool this in the refrigerator in the summer for an egg tofu-like dish!