Bento with Twin Kitty Hina Dolls

Bento with Twin Kitty Hina Dolls

I made hina dolls with black and white twin cats!

Ingredients: 1 serving

Plain cooked rice
100 g
Salt (for the rice balls)
as needed
Nori seaweed
to taste
Your favorite rice ball fillings
as needed
as needed
Dry spaghetti noodle
Fish sausage
a small amount
Sugar snap peas
a small amount
Decorations for cheek (such as carrots boiled in salt water)
as needed


1. Fill the rice with your desired filling and make two 50 g rice balls.
2. Wrap one of the balls in nori seaweed, then in plastic wrap and let rest.
3. Make the fan out of the fish sausage and the boy's scepter out of the snap peas.
4. Next, use a straw to cut out circles from the hanpen for the boy's eyes. Use a teardrop-shaped cutter to cut out the hands for the cats.
5. Cut out coverings for 2 ears and 2 hands out of the nori and stick onto their respective parts.
6. Put the rice balls in the bento box. Fill the remaining space with your desired foods. Cook the pasta a bit in a frying pan with some oil or in a toaster oven to make the whiskers.
7. Use dry spaghetti or mayonnaise (not included in the listed ingredients) to assemble the parts of the cats. If you use some carrots boiled in salt water for the cheeks, it's really cute!

Story Behind this Recipe

I thought it'd be cute to make some hina dolls with kitties.