Grilled Eggplant in Anchovy Oil

Grilled Eggplant in Anchovy Oil

It's a fusion of East meets West.
While it's unorthodox, this is my favorite grilled eggplant marinated in oil dish. Enjoy any number of your own arrangements.

Ingredients: enough to fill a 300 ml container

Eggplant (for grilling)
6 medium size (approximately 4 long eggplants)
(Recipe ID: 2512517) Anchovy Oil
50-60 ml
Garlic (finely minced...refer to Steps 7 and 8)
1-2 cloves (adjust to taste)
Basil (finely minced/may substitute with other dried herbs or may omit)
1 tablespoon
Sea salt...A
1-2 pinches
Black pepper...A
as needed


1. Prepare <Grilled Eggplant> using (Recipe ID: 1845485) or (Recipe ID: 2304376). Use whatever recipe you are used to for cooking grilled eggplant.
2. Cut the eggplant into 3-4 cm pieces. When peeling the skin use skewers/toothpicks to remove the eggplant attached to the skin and place the eggplant in a separate bowl.
3. Place the eggplant into a bowl with its juice. Add the garlic and basil and mix.
4. Prepare the <Anchovy Oil> (Recipe ID: 2512517) and add it to the eggplant and season with the "A" ingredients. Store the eggplant marinade in a sterilized container.
5. [Note] If the grilled eggplant is not fully immersed in oil within the container then add more oil. Refer to Step 20.
6. For the <Grilled Eggplant> the oil itself is not used in cooking later on, so the garlic is can be finely minced...
7. It is also fine to peel the garlic cloves and cut them into 1/3 as in (Recipe ID: 2475822).
8. In order to adjust the salt content, I season with the "A" ingredients in moderation.
9. After 3 days (not so much after 1-2 days), the eggplant will start to absorb the salt content from the oil and will result in a stronger flavor.
10. Accordingly, I recommend adjusting the seasonings in Step 4 depending on when you will be serving them.
11. If the eggplant unexpectedly becomes too salty after several days, add extra virgin olive oil (not anchovy oil).
12. Adjust both the amount of garlic and "A" ingredients to taste. You will know what's best once you make it several times.
13. Tightly seal the sterilized lid and it's finished. It's delicious to eat right away, but it will become more flavorful as the days go by, since the eggplant will absorb the oil.
14. The carmelized sweetness and flavor unique to grilled eggplants will also transfer to the oil.
15. Of course, eaten by itself is good, but it's also tasty to add a small amount of anchovies on top when serving. It is also nice to toss in some capers.
16. Here it is rolled with cured ham, as shown in the top photo. These are best consumed within 1-2 days of marinating, when the salt content has not fully absorbed.
17. It's simply cured ham cut into approximately 3 cm widths, and rolled around the eggplant, but it's really delicious. I love it and so does everyone else.
18. This is a lightly grilled mini camembert with eggplant on top. With infinite arrangements, you can come up with easy antipastos...
19. It's like a blend of Japanese and Western cuisine. It's not the authentic Italian recipe, but it is perhaps my favorite recipe for anything marinated in oil.
20. [Note...Length of Storage] Make sure the grilled eggplant is completely immersed in oil at all times so that it is not in contact with air. This will delay any spoiling.
21. As I add the anchovy oil/garlic, I also add a tiny amount of salt while taste testing.
22. Refrigeration will harden the oil, but the oil will return to its liquid state if left at room temperature or soaked in lukewarm water.
23. At our house, this gets eaten up very quickly, but we have stored it for up to 3 weeks.
24. (Recipe ID: 2475822) is Oil Marinated Sun Dried Tomatoes. This is also highly recommended.
25. If you do not like anchovies, make Pure Garlic Oil Ver. 2 from (Recipe ID: 117234) instead of the anchovy oil.

Story Behind this Recipe

I love the distinct flavor that is unique to grilled eggplants.
Authentic Eggplants uses vinegar and is tart and the prepping is different.
Even though it's completely unorthodox, it turned out delicious!!
I've been keeping a stock of this in my refrigerator for the past 2 months without fail and since it's my favorite, I decided to post it.