Girl's Festival Bento With Easy Onigiri

Girl's Festival Bento With Easy Onigiri

I made easy and cute Hina dolls with onigiri!


Plain cooked rice
1 bowl
Nori seaweed
as needed
Ham (beer sausage)
1 slice
a little
Sliced cheese
as needed
a little
Imitation crab sticks
2 sticks
Uncooked spaghetti
1 stick


1. Place one imitation crab stick into the bento to represent the doll stand. Shape the cooked rice into a roughly triangle shaped onigiri.
2. Cut the ham according to the photo. The slit in the middle doesn't need to be in the shape of the letter "V".
3. Wrap the ham around the onigiri. Fix the edges in place with the pasta. The pasta is still sticking out of this onigiri in the photo to make it easy to understand.
4. Peel the cucumber and wrap a slice around the second onigiri. Fix the edges of the cucumber in place in the same way as the ham.
5. Use the red part of the imitation crab stick to add a line to the edges of the collars.
6. Cut the sliced cheese using a tooth pick. Cut them into the shape of a fan and bat.
7. Spread some mayonnaise onto the nori and stick the cheese shapes on top. Cut the nori around the cheese slightly bigger than the original shape.
8. Cut the hair like this.
9. Fix the hair and accessories onto the onigiri with mayonnaise. I made the nose and eyes with a nori puncher. Use ketchup to draw the cheeks on.
10. I decorated the doll stand with sliced cheese and nori cut in the shape of flowers.

Story Behind this Recipe

It's almost time for Girl's Festival so I wanted to make a cute bento.