How to Remove Cabbage Leaves without Damaging Them

How to Remove Cabbage Leaves without Damaging Them

This is not actually a recipe, but I will show you how to do this as it is good to know. You can remove whole cabbage leaves without tearing.


Cabbage or iceberg lettuce
1 whole
a small one (if available)
Running tap water
using a shower head (if available)


1. Cut out the hard center core, using a knife (use a petty knife if available). For an iceberg lettuce, use a ceramic knife and take out the central core with your hand.
2. Run tap water (not so briskly) into the gap between the leaves. The water accumulates in the gaps and the leaves come off naturally because of the weight of the water in the gaps.
3. With this method, you can remove whole leaves without damaging. After several leaves are removed, score around the center core to remove other leaves.

Story Behind this Recipe

I consulted a cookery book a long time ago to make just several stuffed cabbage rolls. According to it, I had to boil a whole cabbage in a pot. It was too much and I just wanted to use several leaves. It is difficult to remove cabbage leaves without tearing before boiling. Since I thought of this method, I have always been successful.