My Family's Homemade Miso

My Family's Homemade Miso

This homemade fermented miso is made with low-pesticide soy beans, rice malt made from locally grown rice, and high-quality salt.


Soy beans
2 kg
Rice malt (kome koji)
2 kg
900 g
Sprinkling salt
50-100 g
Shochu (35 proof)
100 ml


1. Mix the 900 g of salt and rice malt together well (with unsalted rice malt). Doing this inside a fermenting bag makes it easy with no mess.
2. Wash the soy beans well, place into a large pot, and let soak overnight in plenty of water.
3. When boiling, a lot of scum resembling heavy cream will be produced, so skim it off. Add water from time to time to keep the beans from burning.
4. Boil the soy beans until they absorb the water and expand. Boil for 1-2 hours depending on the firmness of the beans until you can smash them between your thumb and pinky finger.
5. Mash the boiled soy beans while they are hot. It's convenient if you have a mincer. Set aside about 500 ml of the boiled soy bean broth.
6. You can also mash them up with a potato masher or in a grinding bowl if you don't have a mincer.
7. Mix the minced soy beans and unsalted rice malt together. Adjust with the boiling broth until the texture resembles the firmness of your ear lobes.
8. Make large rice-ball sized balls, making sure to press out the air by packing them tightly.
9. Place the fermenting bag into a tightly lidded container, and add shochu as you see fit to sterilize the container. Set aside any remaining shochu.
10. Hurl the large rice-ball sized balls of the packed miso mixture into the bucket order to release the trapped air.
11. Press down firmly and evenly to thoroughly remove any remaining air pockets.
12. Sprinkle the surface with salt to prevent mold.
13. Dip a sheet of plastic wrap in the leftover shochu, and place it over the miso mixture to keep it sterile.
14. Tie the bag if the mouth shut and seal the lid of the container, and store for over half a year in a cool, dark place to let it ferment.

Story Behind this Recipe

I wanted to pass on this homemade miso recipe that my family has been making for about 25 years to my daughters, so I'm posting it here.