Grated Daikon Polar Bear Pot

Grated Daikon Polar Bear Pot

Polar bear pots have been quite popular recently! This delicious recipe uses shio-koji for lots of umami.

Ingredients: 2-3 servings (one 25 cm diameter pot or similar)

Chinese or napa cabbage
1/2 a cabbage
Thinly sliced pork belly
300~400 g
Daikon radish
Seri (Japanese parsley)
Shimeji mushrooms
1 packet
Shio-koji (salt fermented rice malt)
2 tablespoons
Dashi stock granules
1 tablespoon
Ketchup for decoration
a little amount
Ponzu (to serve as a condiment)
as desired


1. Peel the skin off your daikon radish, and grate. Squeeze excess moisture away from the pulp, but don't throw either away. Set the daikon pulp and juice to the side. You'll be using them later. Separate the shimeji mushrooms into small pieces.
2. Layer slices of pork in between your cabbage leaves, and slice both ingredients together so they come to the same height when placed in the pot (as shown in the photo above).
3. Start lining up your sliced veggies and pork in your pot.
4. Repeat until the entire bottom of the pot has filled up. Don't worry about squeezing in too much food -- the cabbage slices will take up a lot less space once heated and softened.
5. Prepare the foundation of your polar bear. Stack up the body from the bottom-up.
6. Once the body's all set, place on the head. Stick the ears and nose on as well. Use your fingers to gently connect the seams between each part. A little well in the ears will make your bear even more life-like!
7. Give your bear some arms. He'll look a lot cuter if you give his arms some width. Give him some seri and mushrooms to hold!
8. Cut out the facial features for the polar bear from your nori seaweed. Dot little cheeks onto your bear with tiny bits of ketchup.
9. Place the shimeji mushrooms in as well. Combine the juices from the daikon radish from Step 1 with the shio-koji. Pour this into the pot, evenly from around the sides.
10. Place a lid on top and keep heating. Let it simmer for a while so the ingredients cook through.
11. Once your pork and vegetables have cooked through, your hot pot should be ready to eat.
12. Top with some seri and enjoy with ponzu.

Story Behind this Recipe

I rearranged a hot pot recipe I found online.