Decorated Sushi Rolls: Snowmen Nori Rolls

Decorated Sushi Rolls: Snowmen Nori Rolls

These are cute sushi rolls.
The only filling is tamagoyaki.
They're so cute that your children are bound to love them.
Super easy to assemble and roll.

Ingredients: 4 cut rolls

Nori seaweed (halved sheets)
Sushi rice
270 g
Black sesame seeds
8 seeds
1 slice


1. Make a tamagoyaki rolled omelet about 1 cm thick.
2. Slice lengthwise into 1 cm strips.
3. Cut the halved nori sheets into thirds.
4. Roll up one sheet with the cut tamagoyaki.
5. This is the snowmen's hat.
6. Spread 60 g of sushi rice on a quartered sheet of nori.
7. Roll it up. Now you have the body section for the snowmen.
8. Spread 30 g of sushi rice on one piece of a halved nori sheet that has been cut into thirds.
9. This is the face section for the snowmen.
10. Glue the halved and quartered sheets together, using grains of rice.
11. Spread 30 g of rice in the middle, lay the hat roll on top, followed by the face roll on top of that. Pack 30 g of rice to each side.
12. Lay the body roll on top, and pack each side with 30 g of rice. Add another 30 g of rice on top and make sure that the rolls are completely enclosed in a layer of rice.
13. Use a sushi mat to roll firmly.
14. Once the roll is formed, cut into 4 slices.
15. No matter where you cut the roll, it should reveal a snowman.
16. Use a nori punch to cut out the mouth. Cut out the hands using scissors. Cut the buttons and cheeks out of ham using a small circular cutter.
17. Use the black sesame seeds for eyes, and stick on the cheeks and buttons.
18. Your snowmen sushi rolls are done.
19. I made a Shinkansen (bullet train) version.
20. I made the Iga city (Shiga prefecture) mascot character.

Story Behind this Recipe

It was snowing outside, so I created these rolls for my children who had been making snowmen. They loved them and told me that they were delicious, so I uploaded the recipe. Pack these in your bento, or serve to your guests during winter.