A Drink That Eliminates Bothersome Garlic Breath!

A Drink That Eliminates Bothersome Garlic Breath!

I love garlic and I want to eat it every day! But that odor is a problem. I asked a Chinese person about it and she taught me this secret tip! Jasmine tea will get rid of that garlic breath in no time.


Jasmine tea
2 cups
Recipe ID: 2495045
How to use that jasmine tea several times over!


1. Just make 2 cups of tea and drink them up. Ask your friends the next day to smell your breath. They'll be amazed that it doesn't smell at all!
2. Recipe ID: 2496045 shows you how to use jasmine tea several times! Jasmine tea is good for you, and you can eat the tea leaves, too.

Story Behind this Recipe

My Chinese physical therapist told me this method.
Now I'm so happy, since I can enjoy my favorite garlic dishes any time I like!
I uploaded it so everyone can try this whenever they have garlic dishes!
Plus, jasmine tea is delicious!