No-Waste Powdered Tea!

No-Waste Powdered Tea!

Tea is so good for you! If you consume the tea leaves themselves, too, you can make many, many cups of tea that whiten your skin, eliminate odors and make you more beautiful! Make powdered tea to cut down on effort, time and your household budget!


Tea leaves of your choice
Black tea, green tea, Oolong tea, jasmine tea etc.


1. I used jasmine tea bags this time! The tea leaves yield 500 ml of hot tea or 1 l of ice tea, but by turning it into powder you can get 20 times that amount of tea.
2. Cut the tea bags open with clean scissors and empty out the contents! It's a bother to do this, but the powdered tea doesn't go bad that quickly, so I turned 3 bags into powder at once.
3. I used this Magic Blender! Use this type of blender. A Bamix handheld blender is fine too! I think you can also use a food mill.
4. Set the blender up properly!
5. Blender for 11 seconds, and rest for 11 seconds. Repeat this 7 times.
6. The tea leaves turn into this fine light powder! Transfer to a jar, and add a desiccant if you have one. (3 tea bags produce about this much.)
7. Why does this produce 20 times the amount of tea? Because you only need about this much of the powdered tea per cup! Just use a tiny amount as shown, using the tip of a spoon.
8. A closeup! You just need this much! This is a green tea cup so you may need a bit more for a big mug, but you really just need a tiny bit.
9. Just add hot water and mix well.
10. In the summertime, just add cold water! In wintertime just add hot water! The tea is ready in no time, and takes no effort!!
11. For teas with big leaves like oolong or some black teas, increase the processing cycles as needed. With just a little effort you'll have something that's sooo convenient!
12. See (Recipe ID: 2496136) to see what to drink after having a garlic dish! This jasmine tea is amazing! It makes that garlic smell go away so completely.

Story Behind this Recipe

A friend of mine heard that if you turn tea leaves into powder, you can make a huge amount of tea from it. It sounded like it would be good for you, too, so I tried making it.