Charaben Snowman

Charaben Snowman

This is a charaben for winter!


Plain cooked white rice
use as much as you like
Nori (dried seaweed)
as needed
Fish sausage
1 slice
a small amount


1. Wrap rice in plastic cling wrap and form into balls to make the body and head.
2. Cut off one edge of the fish sausage and use it as a hat.
3. Cut the ham into thin strips to make a scarf. It's easier to use 2 separate strips. One goes around the neck and the other one hangs down.
4. Make the eyes and mouth with nori seaweed, then the cheeks and buttons with ketchup.
5. You can use any small ingredients such as peas and corn for the buttons instead of ketchup.

Story Behind this Recipe

Winter means snowmen!