Pacific Cod Meunière

Pacific Cod Meunière

This is a meunière dish flavored with butter and lemon! Pacific cod is particularly tasty this season with the meat being tender and delicious.

Ingredients: 2 servings

Pacific cod fillet
2 cuts
Salt and pepper
to taste
Plain flour
enough to lightly coat the fish cuts
Vegetable oil
1 tablespoon
Olive oil
1/2 tablespoon
White wine
a little less than a tablespoon
10 g
1/6 slice
a small amount


1. Prepare the ingredients. Cut the pacific cod slices in half.
2. Lightly sprinkle both sides with salt and pepper right before sautéing.
3. Lightly coat both sides in flour.
4. Add vegetable oil and olive oil to a frying pan and warm up over a medium heat.
5. Line up the pacific cod...
6. Cover with a lid, and cook for about 2 minutes.
7. Flip it over once it has browned (like shown in the photo) and cook for about 30 more seconds.
8. Add in white wine, butter, and squeezed lemon. Shake the frying pan while the alcohol boils off, to coat the pacific cod in the lemon-butter sauce...
9. Lightly season with salt, and it is done once it looks like as shown in the photo!
10. This photo shows the fish served with a mixed baby leaf green salad dressed in olive oil/salt-n-pepper topped with ham and sliced onion, and leftover ratatouille.
11. I served it with cubed cheese and steamed broccoli in a garlic sauce, and tonight I enjoyed these dishes with some beer and white wine.

Story Behind this Recipe

I came across some extremely fresh pacific cod on sale! So I decided to make meunière tonight!