Valentine's Day Character Bento

Valentine's Day Character Bento

I made a cute bunny with mashed potatoes.


Mashed potatoes
a small amount
Nori seaweed
a small amount
Imitation crab sticks
2 sticks
Sliced cheese
1 slice
Thin egg omelet
a small amount
Alphabet pasta
a small amount


1. Place a thin egg omelet on the ketchup rice.
2. Make a bunny's face, ears, and hands with mashed potatoes. Place them on the egg omelet.
3. Make the parts of the face with nori. Use imitation crab stick for its cheeks.
4. Make a love-letter with sliced cheese, nori, and imitation crab.
5. Place the red part of imitation crab on the sliced cheese and cut out a heart shape. Write the word "LOVE" with the alphabet pasta, if available.

Story Behind this Recipe

For my son's kindergarten lunch! Make yours with love.