Happiness Charge PreCure Ribbon Charaben

Happiness Charge PreCure Ribbon Charaben

This is the fairy, Ribbon, from Happiness Charge PreCure!
It's a cute and easy rice ball.


Hot cooked white rice
As needed to make the face as large as you like
Toasted nori seaweed (for the black eyes)
as needed
Ham (for the pink cheeks)
as needed
Egg crepe (for the yellow parts)
as needed
Kamaboko (for the white eyes)
as needed
Snow snap peas boiled in salt water (green parts)
as needed
Dry spaghetti strand
(optional) Kombu tsukudani (for the brown parts)
as needed


1. Shape a rice ball for the head. Form into a Ω shape! If you have a picture the same size as your desired rice ball, put the rice ball on top as reference.
2. Make the ribbon. In order to make it stiff, use a spaghetti strand. Lightly toast it in a toaster oven to make it crispy.
3. Cut a little bit off of the end of the ham. You will use this part later as the knot of the ribbon.
4. Fold the ham up like an accordion and pinch the middle with your fingers.
5. Take the end that you cut off earlier and wrap it around where you had pinched in the middle. Secure it with the noodle.
6. Put the rice ball you made in Step 1 into the bento box, then arrange the ribbon on top of the head.
7. Fill the rest of the bento box with your side dishes. It looks real nice if the ribbon is sitting on top of the food.
8. Close the lid on the bento box and wait a while. Make the face parts. Clover -> snow snap peas. Black lines, eyes, and ears -> nori seaweed. Hair -> egg crepe. Cheeks -> ham.
9. Use a small amount of mayonnaise to paste the face parts onto the rice. Stick the black parts and the four leaf clover on the ribbon.
10. Add the cheeks and the swirl on her forehead.
11. For the eye sparkles, you can cut out a circle from the nori, or use some white food. This time, I used some kamaboko cut out with a straw and attached it with mayonnaise.
12. And it's done! This time, just the eyes were made out of kombu, but you can also use nori!

Story Behind this Recipe

I wanted to see my daughter's happy face!