All Purpose Miso-Mayonnaise Sauce

All Purpose Miso-Mayonnaise Sauce

Spread on top of thick deep fried tofu and grilled, it's a delicious accompaniment to steamed plain white rice. It is also good to eat with sake.

Ingredients: easy-to-make amount

1 part
1 part
Sake that has been brought to a boil, simmered for a few minutes, then cooled (also known as "nikiri-sake")
1 part
use equal amounts of each ingredient above
Green shiso leaf and white sesame seeds
To taste


1. Mix all the ingredients together. That's it! Grill the atsuage until crisp on the outside... This has sliced cheese on top in addition to the miso-mayonnaise sauce.
2. Also delicious spread on on top of salmon for grilled or pan-fried main dish.

Story Behind this Recipe

This started out as a miso sauce without the mayonnaise. When I added the mayonnaise, it became much milder and went better with more types of food, which is why I uploaded the recipe. It goes so well with rice!