Charaben Sushi Cups For Doll's Day

Charaben Sushi Cups For Doll's Day

This is the first recipe in my 'cute sushi faces in a cup' series.
Pack these in your bento, serve at dinner parties, or give as gifts.

Ingredients: 1 portion (7.5 cm ramekin)

Cooked sushi rice
70 g
Kinshi tamago (for the hair)
1/2 egg worth
Imitation crab stick
Sliced ham (for the ribbon)
Nori seaweed, cheese (for the eyes)
as needed
Red bell pepper (for the mouth)
as needed
Sakura denbu (for the cheeks)
as needed


1. Follow Recipe ID: 2336192 to make the 'ham ribbon.' (Make it whatever size you like.)
2. Pack 50 g of sushi rice in a ramekin and flatten the surface.
3. Pack the remaining sushi rice on top of Step 2 in the shape of a face.
4. Shred the imitation crab sticks into thin strands. Stuff along with the kinshi tamago into the gap above the face.
5. Cut out the nori seaweed, cheese, and red bell peppers, and use them to decorate the face. Finish by adding the ham ribbon and dotting the cheeks with the sakura denbu.

Story Behind this Recipe

I had a go at making a series of cute sushi faces in round ramekins.