Lucky Ehoumaki Sushi Rolls with Flower Petals

Lucky Ehoumaki Sushi Rolls with Flower Petals

I used an old milk carton as a sushi rolling mat.
The petals are made out of sausages.

Ingredients: 1 roll

Nori seaweed
1 sheet
Sushi rice
2 bowls
Wiener sausages
Takuan - Yellow pickled daikon
a small amount
Denbu (sweet pink-colored semidried fish flakes)


1. Cut the bottom out of a cardboard milk carton and fold the rest of the carton into 3. Insert a fold halfway between each of these folds. I've folded the carton into a zig zag pattern here so you can see where the folds are.
2. Make all of the folds fold inwards and then fold into a pentagon, letting 1 side overlap.
3. Mix half of the sushi rice with the sakura denbu. Cut a small v-shape out along the sausage. Finely chop the takuan radish.
4. Place a sheet of nori seaweed over the milk carton and spread over the rice mixed with denbu. Spread the rice most of the way over the seaweed but leave the extra 6th face of the pentagon without.
5. Place the sausage with the v-cut facing downwards on top of the rice at the intervals shown in the picture. Add the plain white rice between the sausages, half-burying them.
6. Place the takuan over the center sausage.
7. Roll the sushi away from you. Overlap the extra side of nori and form the carton into a pentagon shape to form the sushi roll.

Story Behind this Recipe

I tried making this sushi roll for my son before his exam after my mother's friend told me that she got into her first choice school after eating one of these lucky rolls. Whether it helps or not, I wanted to make something that looked like it contains flower petals anyway.