Funassyi Character Bento

Funassyi Character Bento

My daughter doesn't like furikake on rice so I tried making the Funassyi character this way.


Red wiener sausage
as needed
Nori seaweed
1/4 sheet


1. Firstly, make a sack-shaped onigiri rice ball.
2. Wrap the top half of the rice ball in the thin omelette and the bottom half in nori seaweed. Wrap with cling film so that the omelette and nori adhere to the rice.
3. Stick a leaf pick through the top of Funassyi's head.
4. Punch out the eyes from a sheet of nori seaweed and stick them on with a dollop of mayonnaise. Cut his mouth and bow tie out from the skin of a wiener sausage and set in place with a rod of pasta.

Story Behind this Recipe

For my daughter who adores Funassyi