Easy Chocolate Cream Mille-Feuille for Valentine's Day

Easy Chocolate Cream Mille-Feuille for Valentine's Day

This is great to give to friends, your loved ones, or to enjoy yourself.
It's easy, but it looks like it took a long time to make.
The crispy pie crust and rich chocolate cream make a great combination.

Ingredients: 8~10 pieces

Chocolate bar
5 bars (any brand or flavor)
Heavy cream
200 ml
Frozen puff pastry
2 sheets


1. First, make the chocolate cream. Mix together the warmed heavy cream and chocolate and pour into a tray. Cool in the refrigerator.
2. For more detail on how to create this chocolate cream, see (Recipe ID: 2477629).
3. While the chocolate cream is chilling, bake the pie crust. Use a fork to prick holes in the puff pastry.
4. Use anything you can find in the freezer section of the supermarket or make it yourself.
5. Bake in an oven at 200℃ for 15~20 minutes. (Please adjust the times and temperatures according to your oven.)
6. Once the puff pastry has baked, cut each sheet in half and let cool completely.
7. Once the chocolate cream is firm, cut to the size of the pie sheets.
8. Sandwich the chocolate cream between two of the pie sheets.
9. Cut each sandwich into 4 or 5 pieces. (For best results, cut with a saw-like motion until you reach the chocolate part, then slice through the rest in one go.)
10. It's done. These are delicious when freshly made, so give it a try.
11. If you put the chocolate cream in a pastry bag before it hardens, you can squeeze it onto the pie sheets for a prettier presentation.

Story Behind this Recipe

Making the same chocolate for Valentine's Day every year is boring!
I don't like having to deal with fussy recipes, but I really like chocolate that's presented nicely! That's how I came up with this little recipe.