Poched Egg Onion Ring

Poched Egg Onion Ring

This is great to serve on many dishes such as toast, rice bowls, and hamburger patties! Anyone you show it to will think you got it from a restaurant! The onion gives it a nice, crispy texture!


Onion (sliced into thick rings)
1 slice
Black pepper
to taste
Salt and pepper
to taste
Sweet onions
(to taste)


1. These are the ingredients The onion is large, and the egg can be small or medium.
2. Cut straight, thick slices of onion!
3. Carefully remove the inner parts of the onion. You will only be using the outer rings.
4. Heat some oil in a frying pan, then cook both sides of the onions from Step 3 (I used olive oil).
5. Carefully crack the egg into the center of the onion. Season as you like with salt and black pepper I failed with the egg on the right! But it's still okay.
6. Next, cover with a lid. Steam until the egg is done to your liking.
7. I like it half-cooked like this. If you don't mind, you can put the sloppy one on top of your rice as-is.
8. How to clean up the excess! If you messed up with pouring the egg into the onion, you can clean it up like this. You can also eat the excess egg whites!
9. Look! It's so pretty! Enjoy the onion egg!
10. Try an egg-topped rice Recipe ID: 2484192.
11. Or put it on top of some buttered toast! And top with mayonnaise and ketchup!
12. Onion rings with the leftover onion Recipe ID: 2493929.

Story Behind this Recipe

Eggs and onions make a great pair!!