Yuzu Daifuku

Yuzu Daifuku

With just one bite you'll get a nice fluffy texture and instant yuzu flavour. Relax and wind down with these Japanese sweets.

Ingredients: 6 small daifuku

Gyuuhi (sweet rice cake)
50 g
Yuzu jam (or yuzu tea)
30 g
15 g
60 ml
Tsubu-an (or your preferred an)
100-120 g
Cream cheese (optional)
50 g
Flour or katakuriko
as needed


1. This time I used Okatsugi's yuzu tea recipe. Please refer to Recipe ID: 2158447. You can use homemade or store-bought items for this recipe.
2. Prepare the filling. Ths time I'm using tsubu-an and cream cheese. I split the anko and cream cheese into 6 and wrapped the anko around each piece of cream cheese.
3. If you aren't using cream cheese, just roll the anko into balls.
4. If the peel in your yuzu tea is a bit big simply snip it up with some kitchen scissors and it'll blend in with the gyuhi.
5. Make the gyuuhi. Add the gyuhi ingredients to a heat-resistant bowl. Mix together well to dissolve. Lightly cover the bowl with cling film and heat the mixture in a microwave for 1 minute 30 seconds. (Refer to the hints section here.)
6. Take the mixture out and mix well with a rubber spatula. Once sticky and glossy move onto the next step. If it's still a little watery, microwave for a further 30 seconds.
7. Place the gyuhi dough onto a vat or similar dusted with katakuriko. Divide into six portion. Once the gyuhi has cooled just enough so that you can work with it, move onto the next step.
8. Stretch the gyuhi dough out until larger than the balls of anko. Keep the centre still quite thick and stretch whilst dusting with katakuriko, then wrap the dough around the anko. Pinch the seam securely shut.
9. They're done! They will stay soft for 2 days when kept in the fridge. Wrap them up so they don't dry out.

Story Behind this Recipe

I made plenty of yuzu tea which is supposed to be rejuvenative but I haven't been able to use it all. So I decided to use in a snack that I could share with friends and decided on daifuku.