Kefir & Soy Milk Yogurt

Kefir & Soy Milk Yogurt

A mild and smooth yogurt!!


Additive-free soy milk
1 box
Kefir culture
1 stick


1. Prepare the homemade kefir culture.
2. Heat the soy milk to body temperature.
3. Add the warmed soy milk to a container (or in my case I poured it back into the box) and pour in one stick of kefir culture. Stir well.
4. I put this box of milk under my kotatsu (a low table with an electric foot-warmer installed under the table top board) to ferment it and had my yogurt in around 12 hours.

Story Behind this Recipe

I knew that you could make yogurt with soy milk, so I gave it a shot.