Japanese-style Healthy Komatsuna and Fried Tofu Salad with Ginger

Japanese-style Healthy Komatsuna and Fried Tofu Salad with Ginger

Atsuage chunks marinated in noodle sauce and ginger are very tasty! This is a tasty oil-free salad with refreshing and crispy komatsuna.

Ingredients: 4 servings

1 bunch (10 heads, 400 g)
1 block (200 g)
★ Mentsuyu (3x concentrate)
4 tablespoons or more
★ Grated ginger
a small amount
Sesame seeds
as needed


1. Pour boiling water over the atsusge to remove the excess oil. Cut it into 0.5-1 cm widths as in this photo. Marinate in ★ sauce.
2. Julienne the carrot. Sprinkle with salt lightly and allow to sit for a while. Squeeze out the excess moisture.
3. Prepare the komatsuna by cutting it in half. Cook the tougher stems first, then add the more delicate leaves. Cook the komatsuna until just tender and rinse with running water to cool. Squeeze out the excess moisture. Cut into 3 cm lengths.
4. Mix the komatsuna, carrot and atsuage with the sauce. Add more mentsuyu if necessary.

Story Behind this Recipe

I often use atsuage instead of meat in salads. Astuage is deep-fried so it has a rich taste, and unlike normal tofu, it won't make a dish watery. Marinate it in the sauce before you add it to the salad, as atsuage itself is quite bland.
To help it absorb the sauce, it is essential to remove the excess oil first. Atsuage goes well with mizuna and mitsuba in salad.