Kimbap: Korean Style Sushi Roll - Great for Setsubun!

Kimbap: Korean Style Sushi Roll - Great for Setsubun!

These are kimbap (Korean-style sushi rolls) that you can make easily with whatever ingredients you have on hand. Try them on Setsubun (the first day of spring)! Refer to the instructions for making salted dried nori seaweed too!

Ingredients: 4 servings

Plain cooked rice
2 rice cooker cups worth (360ml)
Sesame oil
1 tablespoon
1 teaspoon
Chopped beef (or pork)
a pinch
1/2 bunch
Salt, sesame oil
small amount
1 small carrot
Salt, sesame oil
small amount
Korean style dried nori seaweed (whole)
4 sheets


1. Prepare the ingredients. Beat the egg, add the sugar and cook it into a thin omelet. Cut into 1cm width strips.
2. Boil water in a pot and cook the spinach. It's easier to roll if it's uncut. Squeeze out the water and season with sesame oil and salt.
3. Julienne the carrot into match stick sizes. Add sesame oil to a frying pan and cook until the carrots have wilted. Sprinkle salt on top.
4. Cut the meat into thin strips and cook. Lightly season with salt.
5. Add sesame oil and salt into warm rice and mix well.
6. It's easier if you place the ingredients for the filling together.
7. Place the nori seaweed on a cutting board and place a large bowl full of rice on top of it. Spread the rice, covering 2/3rds of the seaweed.
8. Place the meat, spinach, carrot and egg omelet on top of the rice. Press the fillings in the middle to let it settle. Slowly roll.
9. 4 rolls are complete. I wrapped pork sausages instead of meat in 2 of the rolls. You can use other ingredients like imitation crab if you'd like.
10. Cut off the edges and slice into 2cm width pieces.
11. Please serve with kimchi and salted nori seaweed.
12. To make salted nori, brush one side with vegetable oil (if you can, use canola oil) and sprinkle salt on top.
13. Preheat the frying pan and cook it lightly. It'll become crispy! Cut the sheet into 8 pieces.
14. I recommend placing a piece of kimbap on the salted seaweed and topping it with kimchi!

Story Behind this Recipe

This was inspired by a recipe made by my teacher, who always teaches me how to make Korean dishes.