Setsubun Character Bento - Demon-Giri Rice Balls~

Setsubun Character Bento - Demon-Giri Rice Balls~

These are demon onigiri rice balls!

Ingredients: 2 rice balls

Plain cooked rice
1 rice bowl's worth (150 g)
Dried bonito flakes
a little
Soy sauce
a little
Filling of your choice
as needed
a small amount
Nori seaweed
a little
Imitation crab sticks
1 stick


1. Using your favourite onigiri filling make the triangle-shaped onigiri rice balls.
2. Cut the nori seaweed into narrow rectangles and fold around the bottom of the onigiri.
3. Make the horns from boiled carrot and the facial features from nori seaweed. (Cut them out out with either a small pair of scissors or a craft punch.) Make the cheeks from imitation crab sticks (cut them out with a straw).
4. Stick the horns right into the onigiri. Push them in far enough so that they don't fall back out.
5. Attach all of the parts to the onigiri and you're done. This time I cut some very thin strips of nori seaweed and added them onto the horns to create a striped pattern.
6. Instead of making the hair with dried bonito flakes and soy sauce I think mince meat, tuna mayonnaise or scrambled egg would be cute too.
7. The hair may fall off when transferring the onigiri to a lunchbox so I recommend adding a dollop of mayonnaise at the base of the horn to stick the hair in place.

Story Behind this Recipe

I thought of these devil-giri for a Setsubun-themed bento or as party food.
This is a dish I conceived through a pun for onigiri ("oni"=demon and "onigiri"=rice ball)