Homemade Egg Nigiri Sushi (great for kids!)

Homemade Egg Nigiri Sushi (great for kids!)

This is much cheaper than eating at a sushi restaurant. And you can just have what you like. This is homemade nigiri sushi.


Sushi rice (see Recipe ID: 2469501)
3 rice cooker cups (540 ml) of uncooked rice
●Dashi stock granules
2 teaspoons
Toasted nori seaweed
as needed


1. Prepare the sushi rice. Take a bite-sized portion of the rice and knead it into shape. Arrange the shaped sushi rice on a plate with spaces in between.
2. Once you shaped all the sushi rice, top with your desired toppings and they're ready.
3. Put the ● ingredients in a bowl and mix it up real well. Then make an omelette in a frying pan. Your easy dashimaki tamago (omelette) is ready.
4. Cut the omelette into 10 to 12 pieces. Cut into your desired thickness. Wrap with nori to finish.
5. Cut the wiener sausage in half and make an octopus sausage. Wrap it up with nori. Or top with whatever you like.
6. Please look here for how to make sushi rice. (Recipe ID: 2469501)
7. Amberjack nigiri sushi for adults.
8. I have a similar recipe for rolled sushi. Decorate it really cute and it's great for guests. (Recipe ID: 2464426)

Story Behind this Recipe

My daughter loves omelette! But, for some reason, she doesn't like omelette from the sushi restaurant. So, I tried making some myself. And this is how I make our dashimaki tamago at home. It's easy and very simple.