Sake-Steamed Manila Clams with Butter Soy Sauce

Sake-Steamed Manila Clams with Butter Soy Sauce

You can enjoy the broccoli as well. It will be addicting once you taste it!! The butter soy sauce is really delicious. These clams are great as a drinking appetizer as well.


Cleaned manila clams
1 pack
as needed
1 tablespoon
1 tablespoon
Soy sauce
1 teaspoon


1. Add the cleaned manila clams into a frying pan. Sprinkle with the sake, cover with a lid, and steam until their shells open up.
2. In the mean time, wash and cut the broccoli into bite-sized pieces. Place on a plate, and microwave for 3 minutes at 500 W while keeping an eye on it.
3. Remove the lid from the frying pan. Add the butter, soy sauce, and broccoli in that order, mix, and done.

Story Behind this Recipe

I always cooked sake-steamed manila clams. When my brother visited me, he told me that adding broccoli makes the dish more delicious, so I tried it. It was really tasty. My daughter and I almost finished it all!