Easy Dandelions with Sesame-flavored Takuan Pickles

Easy Dandelions with Sesame-flavored Takuan Pickles

These takuan pickle flowers are cute and easy to eat.
Great in bento for Mother's day and Hinamatsuri (Girl's Day festival) or to serve to guests.


Takuan - Yellow pickled daikon
sliced about 2 cm thick (as desired)
Sesame oil
a small amount
Baby leaves
several pieces
Toasted sesame seeds
to your taste


1. Cut out a piece of takuan pickle about 3 cm in width. (Doesn't have to be a perfect circle.)
2. Insert cuts in a grid pattern without cutting all the way through. (See Recipe ID: 1659810 for reference)
3. Pat off moisture from Step 2 and shape into a flower. Brush on a thin layer of sesame oil.
4. Garnish with mesclun greens and serve. Sprinkle on some sesame seeds if you'd like.
5. There is also a sushi recipe using a lot of takuan flowers (Recipe ID: 2458770).

Story Behind this Recipe

I thought of an easy-to-eat and fun dish because I received a lot of takuan pickles as a gift.