Finished in 10 Minutes! An Easy Customized Chocolate Egg

Here's how to easily make your own customized chocolate eggs.


Storebought chocolate egg
Chocolate decorating pen
Sugar decorations
whatever you like


1. Warm the chocolate decorating pen up beforehand. Put on plastic gloves and open up the storebought chocolate egg.
2. Fill the egg with heart shaped chocolates that are sold at 100 yen shops (or any cheap variety). Paint one of the egg's edge with the chocolate pen.
3. Put the other half of the egg on top of the one with the painted edge. Wipe off any chocolate that leaks out to the surface with a paper towel.
4. If there are any gaps between the two egg halves, fill them with the chocolate pen, using the chocolate like putty. Wipe off any excess with a paper towel.
5. Chill the egg for about five minutes and it's done.
6. You can put the egg back in its original box and make it a surprise, or re-wrap it in cute wrapping.
7. It's best to put on plastic gloves whenever you handle the egg. Otherwise you'll get fingerprints on the egg, or the chocolate may melt.

Story Behind this Recipe

I love opening chocolate eggs, and I've been wanting to make my own originals for a long time. I have an egg shaped mold, but it's pretty hard to make the egg. So I wondered if there was an easier method that anyone could use.