Jibanyan (Youkai Watch) Charaben

Jibanyan (Youkai Watch) Charaben

It's cute but also popular with boys. A simple charaben with just a level surface face.


Sliced cheese
1 or 2 slices
1 slice
Crab sticks (red part)
2 sticks
Nori seaweed
As needed
Thin omelet (if you have it)
As needed
Mayonnaise (for sticking the pieces together)
As needed


1. Cut a cat face shape into the sliced cheese with a toothpick. Place the ham on top of the cheese and cut into the same shape with scissors.
2. Place the red crab sticks on top of both and cut into the same shape. Cut off the outside edge of the ears.
3. Cut the nori seaweed into the shape of eye pupils, nose, mouth and inside of the mouth. Cut the white part of the eyes from the thin omelet. If you don't have any eggs you can also use sliced cheese!
4. Cut sliced cheese for part of the face into the shape of a flame. Also cut some cheese into the shape of the teeth. Place the eyes on the line of the white part and the nose in between the eyes.
5. Place the center of the mouth underneath the nose. The nose is a piece of the red part of a crab stick.
6. Add to the bento!
7. You can also try making Whisper (Recipe ID: 2513812)!

Story Behind this Recipe

A kindergarten bento for my eldest son!