Mickey Mouse-Shaped Boiled Egg

Mickey Mouse-Shaped Boiled Egg

These Disney-inspired boiled eggs are great for bento and cute when topped on rice bowls. They're fun to prepare for Easter as well!

Ingredients: 1 egg



1. Open a hole in the side of an egg. Take the insides out, making sure the yolk does not break. Divide the yolk and white.
2. Draw a line around the egg shell with it on its side, as shown.
3. Carefully break the shell down to just above the line. It's fine if the edge is jagged like this.
4. Pour egg white to the line, and put the shell in a ramekin. (Fill the gaps with parchment paper to snugly secure the egg shell).
5. Put the bowl in a pan of boiling water. Cover with a lid and steam cook over medium heat for 5 minutes. (The water should come about 2/3 way up the side of the ramekin)
6. To prevent the egg white from developing air bubbles, stick a chopstick to keep a crack of the pot partially open.
7. Scoop out the steamed egg with a spoon about 1 cm deep to make a Mickey Mouse head.
8. If you use small round cutters like this, you can scoop out the egg white cleanly. The larger one for the face is 2 cm in diameter, and the small one for the ears is 1 cm in diameter.
9. Pour the yolk into the scooped out part. Make sure the yolk doesn't flood out.
10. Cut parchment paper into the shape of the egg, and lay it on top of the egg. Alternatively, wrap the bowl holding the eggshell with plastic wrap. (This is to prevent the yolk from discoloring.)
11. Put the ramekin with the egg back in the pan. When the water comes back to a boil, turn off the heat immediately. Put the chopstick back under the lid (the water level is the same as before.)
12. Take the chopstick out, put the lid back on and leave the egg until the water in the pan has cooled (about 10 minutes.) Take the egg out when the yolk is set to your liking.
13. Take the egg out of the shell gently with a spoon or crack the shell. (If you take it out with a spoon, you can reuse the shell again.
14. Add to your favorite dishes and serve. Here it is served on a Yakiniku Namul Bowl (Recipe ID: 2463020).
15. You can make other shapes besides Mickey Mouse, like hearts or stars. The possibilities are endless!

Story Behind this Recipe

I was asked to make the Mickey Mouse shaped boiled eggs that are sold at Tokyo Disneyland, so I gave it a good try. After a lot of trial and error I was finally able to make this. But I'm still working on it so that I can emulate the creamy texture of the original.