Soft and Juicy Chicken Breast with Japanese Leek Sauce.

Soft and Juicy Chicken Breast with Japanese Leek Sauce.

Chicken breast tends to be dry but if you try this way you can have a very soft and juicy texture. Eat with a lot of Japanese leek sauce.


Chicken breast
Japanese leek
1 stalk
1 tablespoon
Soy sauce
3 tablespoons
1 teaspoon
1 small piece


1. Cut the chicken breast into thin slices. Sprinkle over sake (not included in the ingredients) and rest.
2. Make sauce. Mix the grated ginger, roughly chopped leek and seasonings (vinegar, soy sauce, sugar) together.
3. Pat dry the sliced chicken breast and coat with katakuriko (not listed). If you do this procedure in a plastic bag it will be quick and you don't have to clean up afterward.
4. Boil water and put in the sliced chicken breast one by one to cook through.
5. After cooking through, take them out of the boiled water. Place them in water with ice to cool down quickly.
6. Arrange the drained chicken breast slices on a serving dish and pour over the sauce. Serve.
7. You can serve this dish with shredded shiso leaves and ponzu sauce.

Story Behind this Recipe

Chicken breast tends to be flavorless, so I tried to make a strong tasting sauce with it and in the end I made a very refreshing sauce.