To Celebrate the New Year: Horse Bento Character Bento

To Celebrate the New Year: Horse Bento Character Bento

This horse character bento represents 2014, the year of the Horse.
The main photo shows a small horse made from rice balls.

Ingredients: 1 horse

Plain cooked rice
About 1 rice bowl
●Soy sauce, mentsuyu, or similar
As needed
Satsuma-age (weiners)
As needed
Nori seaweed
As needed
Cheese (or kamaboko)
As needed
Pasta (to hold the pieces together)
2 short pieces


1. Add the "●" ingredients to the rice and mix. Cover in cling film and form into the shape of the top half of the face. Form the white rice into the shape of the bottom half of the face, and join them together.
2. How to make the ears: Gouge out a piece of satsuma-age with a round cutter and cut it in half.
3. How to make the parts: Ears - satsuma-age. Mane - nori seaweed. Line on the face - cheese. Eyes - nori seaweed and cheese. Nose holes - nori seaweed.
4. Here are the tools I used.
5. Place the onigiri into the bento box and fix the ears on with the pasta. Once you fix on the other parts, you're finished.
6. Here's a mini horse.

Story Behind this Recipe

A Chinese zodiac character bento.