Cauliflower, Anchovy, and Caper Salad

Cauliflower, Anchovy, and Caper Salad

This tastes great while warm or cooled. It's a salad that goes perfectly with wine.

Ingredients: about 3 servings

1/2 of a large head
Anchovy fillets
1 large
Finely chopped parsley
optional, to garnish
●Olive oil
2 tablespoons
●Wine vinegar
1 tablespoon
●Lemon juice
2 teaspoons
●Minced onion
2 small
●Pepper (+ salt if necessary)
a pinch


1. Break the cauliflower into small pieces and boil (they taste better when only boiled so that they still retain its texture).
2. Drain the water thoroughly once boiled.
3. Combine the ● ingredients into a bowl. Add the finely chopped anchovies, and lightly rinsed capers.
4. Add the cauliflower and coat everything with the dressing. Optionally garnish with parsley and enjoy.

Story Behind this Recipe

This is a dish I made by combining my favorite ingredients and flavors. Everyone in my family absolutely loved this salad.