Anpanman - Easy Character Bento

Anpanman - Easy Character Bento

Here come Anpanman and Wrestlerman!

Ingredients: 1 serving

Rice balls
Fish sausage
for eyes and mouth
for cheek
Side dishes to fill in the gaps
as needed


1. Combine the cooked rice and the dashi stock granules to season the rice and add color. Shape into a rice ball. This will be Anpanman's face. Shape another rice ball from plain cooked rice with furikake inside. This will be Wrestlerman's face.
2. Slice the fish sausage and place on the rice balls for the nose and cheeks.
3. Cut the eyes and mouth out of the nori sheet using a nori puncher. Put on a small amount of ketchup for Wrestlerman's cheek.
4. Put in some side dishes to fill the lunchbox. It's done.

Story Behind this Recipe

I noticed that I've never made an Anpanman character bento, so I made this.
My daughter and son have already outgrown Anpanman, but they were happy with this. I was satisfied with their reaction!