Glacage Made with Milk: A Simple, Microwaveable Recipe

Glacage Made with Milk: A Simple, Microwaveable Recipe

This is a glacage recipe that doesn't use cream and is perfect for Christmas and Valentine's Day cakes. You can make the chocolate sauce easily in the microwave.

Ingredients: 2-3 servings

Store-bought roll cake
Black chocolate
90 g
90 ml
Pure cocoa powder
a small amount
●Hot water
2 tablespoons
1 teaspoon


1. Add the hot water to a container with the sugar and dissolve the sugar. Using a brush, spread this syrup all over the surface of the cake.
2. Break the chocolate into pieces and add it together with the milk into a heat-resistant container. Microwave at 500w for 1.5 minutes.
3. Take the bowl out of the microwave and stir with a whisk.
4. Place the roll cake on top of a wire rack and place a plate underneath. Whilst the chocolate mixture is still hot, pour it over the cake and spread it quickly and evenly over the surface with a knife.
5. Once the cake is covered in chocolate, make some horizontal lines with the knife. Place in the refrigerator without wrapping.
6. Once the chocolate has hardened, sprinkle over a thin layer of cocoa powder.
7. Decorate the cake with whatever you like. In this picture I decorated the cake with chocolate truffles (recipe ID: 2044607).
8. You don't have to decorate the cake with cocoa powder, you can just decorate with the glacage.
9. *You could also try decorating the cake with seasonal strawberries. To cut the cake cleanly, cut it with a warmed knife. (Recipe ID: 2427671)
10. I also recommend giving this glacage recipe a go - ID:722031.
11. If you cover the cake in the glacage the day before you serve it, it will allow more time for the flavours to blend, resulting in n even better tasting cake!
12. For step 1 it's fine to add liquor to the syrup as well. The roll cake that I'm using is from Monteur (13 x 7 cm).

Story Behind this Recipe

When I'm making a glacage cake as a gift I make it with cream, but when I'm just making for my family I use milk, as it's cheaper and you can shorten the preparation time. I bought a roll cake from the store since it was on special offer and this is what I decided to do with it. You can use this recipe as a chocolate sauce as well.