Osechi Flower Vinegar-Pickled Lotus Root

Osechi Flower Vinegar-Pickled Lotus Root

These are cute, red and white, vinegar-pickled lotus roots All of them are simply pickled in sushi vinegar and express the love that is put into osechi. Everyone will be impressed with these .

Ingredients: 1 medium

Lotus root
2 pieces, each one about 200g
Vinegar for soaking
2 tablespoons
Water for soaking
400 ml
Pickling vinegar:
Sushi vinegar
180 ml
3 tablespoons
220 ml
As needed
Pomegranate vinegar
Same amount as the water


1. Examine the lotus root checking if it meets this criteria. Number 1: Use one that is round and doesn't have any indents. Number 2: make sure the holes are evenly distributed!
2. You can easily peel using a vegetable peeler. Wash the lotus root before peeling, and slice .
3. Place the slices into vinegar water. This picture is the amount of vinegar water remaining after cutting, soaking, and draining. Please use it as a guide.
4. My family uses 7~8 mm slices. Using slices that are a bit thicker makes it easier to carve into flowers. Cut out a triangle between the holes.
5. Like this.
6. Use the outer edge of the knife to round it out. It is easy to stick a finger into the hole and adjust from there.
7. Boil 1 liter of water, add in 1 tablespoon vinegar, and bring to a boil, add in the lotus root and boil for about 2 minutes, and then drain in a sieve to cool.
8. Place into the vinegar after it has cooled, add in the red peppers, and you will be able to use this for half a day as-is. If you make it on the 31st, then it will be okay New Years morning.
9. Pickle in the pomegranate vinegar to turn them a pretty pink color .
10. It's finished.

Story Behind this Recipe

Osechi will look even prettier with these, so I make them every year without fail. I use sushi vinegar because it has salt, sugar, and konbu dashi broth added, so it makes pickling simple.