How to Prepare Oysters

This is an easy way to prepare oysters. It's easy to remove the sliminess, grit and smell!


Shelled oysters
200 g
Coarse salt
1 tablespoon
1 1/2 tablespoons
50 ml
3% Salt water
500 ml


1. Mix the oysters together with the coarse salt and the katakuriko. Don't add water and gently mix together for about 10 seconds. The trick is to not add any water!
2. Once you have mixed it for about 10 seconds, add 50 ml of water and then gently mix for about 20 seconds. Try not to massage them! This will draw out the sliminess and the grit.
3. Transfer the oysters into another bowl and rinse in 3% salt water. If you're just using water with no salt, rinse real quickly in about five seconds.
4. Drain well in a colander and dry well with paper towels. You are done prepping!

Story Behind this Recipe

It's such a waste to use grated daikon (traditional Japanese way to clean oysters)!