Character Bread Funasshii Kabocha Squash Bread

Character Bread Funasshii Kabocha Squash Bread

These Funasshii buns are made without food coloring, by kneading mashed kabocha squash into the dough.

Ingredients: 3 buns (each about 13 cm diameter)

For the dough:
Bread (strong) flour
130 g
Cake flour
20 g
Dry yeast
2 g
2 g
10 g
10 g
80 - 90 ml
Kabocha squash (peeled)
20 g
a small amount
For the filling and decorations:
Kabocha squash filling (steamed and mashed kabocha squash)
as needed
Anko (red bean paste)
as needed
Chocolate decorating pen
as needed
Strawberry jam
as needed


1. Add all the ingredients for the bread dough except for the butter in a bowl and mix. Once the dough comes together, transfer to a working surface, mix in the butter, and quickly knead well.
2. Take 1/4 of the dough and knead the matcha dissolved in a small amount of water into the dough to create the green colored dough.
3. Take the rest of the dough and knead the kabocha squash paste (steamed and mashed kabocha squash) into the dough to create the yellow colored dough.
4. Let the dough rise until double the original size. Divide each portion of dough into 3 equal portions, shape them into balls, and let the dough rest for 10 minutes (cover with plastic wrap to prevent the dough from drying out).
5. Roll each portion of the kabocha squash dough into an oval shape with a rolling pin. Place a ball of kabocha filling or anko in the middle and wrap the dough. Close the edges tightly and place the dough with the seam side down on a baking tray lined with parchment paper.
6. Roll out the matcha dough, cut it into rectangles, and wrap them around the kabocha squash dough. Shape the rest of the matcha dough into leaves to decorate on top of the head.
7. Make a cut in the bottom of the kabocha squash dough for the legs with a dough scraper. Let the buns rise again until they are 1.5 times their original size. Preheat the oven to 170 °C.
8. Reduce the temperature to 160°C and bake for about 13 minutes, making sure not to let them burn.
9. Once they are baked and cooled down, draw on the faces with a chocolate decorating pen. I made the ribbons out of strawberry jam.
10. I filled these with kabocha squash filling Simply mash the steamed kabocha squash to make this delicious filling!
11. Try "Character Bread Funasshii Anpan" (Recipe ID: 2430358) which is made easily using food coloring.

Story Behind this Recipe

I made Funasshii shaped onigiri (Recipe ID: 2197359), so I was wondering if I could make Funasshii shaped buns too.