For Squid Liver Lovers! Squid Legs and Liver Cooked in Foil

For Squid Liver Lovers! Squid Legs and Liver Cooked in Foil

I believe this recipe is irresistible for squid liver lovers. Of course, it's great as a drinking snack, and also goes well with rice eaten at the end of a feast or after a drinking session!

Ingredients: 1 aluminum foil cup worth

Fresh squid liver
from 1 squid
Squid legs
from 1 squid
Japanese leek
20 cm or so (or to taste)
Soy sauce
1/2 teaspoon
2 teaspoons
To prepare the legs and liver:
as needed


1. Cut the legs apart.
2. Remove and hard suckers. If you press down on the legs with your palm on a cutting board; it's easy. Cut the legs into even portions.
3. Rinse the legs, rub them with salt, and drain in a colander for a while.
4. Sprinkle the liver with salt and drain in another colander. This way the fishy smell will be removed. The liver breaks easily so handle it very, very gently.
5. While the legs and liver are draining, slice the leek thinly. Make a cup with the aluminum foil by pressing it into a cup or something. Flatten the bottom. Of course, you can use aluminum foil cups instead of making your own.
6. Rinse the legs and liver quickly, pat dry and put them inside the foil cup.
7. Add the soy sauce and sake, top with the leek. Place the foil cups on a grilling screen, and cook over low-medium heat. It's more atmospheric to cook over charcoal, but I just use a gas burner.
8. When it starts to bubble, break the intestines and mix everything together. It's done when the legs are cooked through!
9. If you need to learn how to prepare a squid, please take a look at Recipe ID: 2427585.

Story Behind this Recipe

I recreated a dish I had a long time ago at a yakiniku restaurant.