Simple Meat Sauce Doria in 5 Minutes

Simple Meat Sauce Doria in 5 Minutes

No need to make sauce! When you're busy, this delicious meat sauce doria (rice gratin) can be quickly made in the toaster-oven.

Ingredients: 1 serving

Plain cooked rice
1 rice bowl (200-250 g)
Meat sauce
1 ladle
Fresh parsley
to taste
Pizza cheese
to taste


1. These are the ingredients I used this time.
2. Place the rice in a heatproof dish. Even it out nicely.
3. Pour the meat sauce on top of Step 3. You should pretty much cover the rice completely.
4. It also tastes great if you add some vegetables or any other type of filling!
5. Top with lots of cheese that melts easily. Use as much as you want.
6. Sprinkle with minced parsley and bake it in the toaster-oven at 1000 W for 7-8 minutes, while keeping an eye on it.
7. It's done. It will be hot, so place it on a towel.
8. Please enjoy it while it's piping hot.

Story Behind this Recipe

I always make a lot of meat sauce and use it to make different things. This time I made some really quick doria (rice gratin).
My mother used to make this recipe all the time when I was small.