Rilakkuma Character Bento

Rilakkuma Character Bento

For a "Rilakkuma" charaben.
It looks like he fell asleep in the bento box!
Eat him up before he wakes up!

Ingredients: 1 small lunchbox for a kindergartener

Brown-colored rice ball
1 rice ball
Egg for usuyaki tamago
1/2 teaspoon
Sliced cheese
a small amount
Nori seaweed
a small amount


1. Make the head and ear with the brown-colored rice. This time, I used yaki-onigiri furikake. The key is to make the ear sit on a diagonal axis!
2. Stuff the box with the food. Make an usuyaki tamago for the blanket. The key is to add a pinch of katakuriko to the beaten egg before frying!
3. Make the face with some sliced cheese, using nori for the eyes, nose, and mouth details. Cover the food up with the usuyaki tamago, add his other hand on top of his blanket, and it's done!

Story Behind this Recipe

This is how I always make Rilakkuma. I wanted to see how my daughter would react!