A Fisherman's Recipe for Largehead Hairtail Sashimi

A Fisherman's Recipe for Largehead Hairtail Sashimi

You can make delicious sashimi easily at home using a whole largehead hairtail. It's easy on the wallet, too.


Largehead hairtail
Kitchen brush
Coarse salt
as needed
Shiso leaves
5 to 6


1. Remove the sliminess of the skin using a kitchen brush.
2. It is easy to remove the silver-coloured scales using a kitchen brush.
3. Rinse the fish well.
4. Cut the upper part of the fish for grilling with salt because the belly has nice fat and gelatinous substance.
5. Run the tip of your knife along the back bone of the fillet.
6. Run the tip of your knife along the rib bone.
7. Run the knife along the bone several times to remove the flesh from the bone.
8. The tail doesn't have much flesh so grill it with salt.
9. Again run your knife along the bone.
10. Slowly!
11. I separated the flesh from the bone.
12. Do the same at the back.
13. Cut off the tail and grill it with salt! Deep-fry the bone to make crispy bone chips.
14. I separated two fillets and a bone.
15. To prepare for grilling, sprinkle both sides of the fish with salt. Chill in the fridge for about 1 hour.
16. Cut the bone into bite sizes and deep-fry to make crispy bone chips.
17. The fish was delicious!
18. Slice the onion lengthways very thinly and soak in water to garnish the dish.
19. Spread sliced onion over your serving dish.
20. Place a shiso leaf on your palm and slap it to bring out its fragrance. Place them on the sliced onion.
21. Slice the fillet diagonally into 1.7-cm thickness.
22. Arrange the sliced fillets on top of the vegetables.
23. It is done. The skin was very crunchy! If you buy largehead hairtail sashimi from fishmonger they always remove the skin so you can't try it. I like it on the fish!
24. We will have the sashimi with scallop and chicken from Hokkaido, daggertooth pike conger rice in soup made Hiroshima-style, and Shizuoka-style chorizos and fishcake.

Story Behind this Recipe

Largehead hairtail is in season now. My husband brought it home so I made sashimi and grilled it with salt.